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Water Cooling 5W UV Laser Marking Machine for Glass Bottle Plastic Marking

Item No.: RF-5W
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1000 Sets per Month
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Water Cooling 5W UV Laser Marking Machine for Glass Bottle Plastic Marking

UV laser marking machine RF-5W features
---1. Higher Precision: UV laser RF-5W have a shorter wavelength than other lasers, which means they can produce more precise and finer markings and cuts on glass,plastic etc.
---2. Faster Speed: UV laser can operate at high speeds, making them ideal for high-volume production.
---3.Versatility: UV lasers can be used on a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals, glass, and ceramics.
---4.Less Heat: Since UV lasers operate at a shorter wavelength, they produce less heat than other lasers, making them a good choice for materials that are sensitive to heat.
---5.Reduced Maintenance: UV lasers have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than other types of lasers.

--6.  The whole machine is made of aluminium alloy,cutting size 110mmx110mm and marking size 300mmx300mm
--7.  Strictly optimize electrical components to ensure stable operation of the machine
--8.  The high-speed digital vibroscope is equipped with built-in double red light and alarm lamp, and the precision speed of marking is fast
--9.  The genuine JCZ software supports win7/8/10
--10.  The whole machine is guaranteed for 3 years and the laser source is guaranteed for 2 years
--11.  Compact size, cover a small area and convenient transportation
--12.  Galvanometer:with double red light focusing device and alarm light device
--14. Water cooling type UV laser source Gain brand with good quality and no limit in any evnironment and temperature.

Application of UV Laser marking machine RF-5W
Gift jewellery, medical equipment, glasses, clocks, instruments and sanitary ware and other industries.
UV Laser marking machine is widely used in various industries for marking and engraving purposes. Some of the common applications of UV Laser marking machine are:
1.Glass industry: UV laser marking machine is professional for glass surface marking like Car windows marking,tempered glass marking,glass cup marking,glass bottles marking,win bottles marking,ceramic surface marking etc.
2. Electronics industry: UV Laser marking machine is used in the electronics industry for marking and engraving electronic components such as chips, PCBs, and other electronic parts.
3. Medical industry: used in the medical industry for marking and engraving medical devices such as surgical instruments, implants, and medical equipment.
4. Jewelry industry: UV Laser marking machine is used in the jewelry industry for engraving intricate designs on precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones.
5. Automotive industry: used in the automotive industry for marking and engraving engine parts, chassis, and other components.
6. Aerospace industry: UV Laser marking machine is used in the aerospace industry for marking and engraving aircraft parts and components.
7. Packaging industry: used in the packaging industry for marking and engraving packaging materials such as plastic, glass, and metal.
8. Textile industry: UV Laser marking machine is used in the textile industry for marking and engraving fabrics, leather, and other materials used in the production of clothing and accessories.

Overall, UV Laser marking machine is a versatile tool that can be used in various industries for marking and engraving purposes.

Main features of 5W UV laser marking machine RF-5W
Model RF-15
Laser source UV 5W (3W and 10w FOR OPTION)
 Laser type UV laser 
Purpose  Marking 
Marking thickness  10mm 
Max Single pulse energy 1.0mj
Pulse duration 90-130ns
Laser beam quality M2 <1.8
Marking speed 1-8000mm/s
Frequency marking or engraving
Marking Area 1064nm
Spot size 27.5μm
Marking Depth 0.03-0.08mm
All necessary parts Included
Control program Genuine EZ-CAD control system Compatible with win7/8/10
Graphic format supported Graphic format supported
Working voltage AC220V 50HZ /AC110V 60HZ
Cooling type Air cooling
Operating parameter 0-40℃
Warranty fiber laser source we warranty for 2 years /the other parts warranty for 3 years
G.W. 135kg
Package(L*W*H) 98*83*142cm
Note:we have other 3w/10w/20w30w for your option 
Also we can customized this machine as per your detail requirements

Machine detail parts photo

1. Special rotary that for rings bracelets holding in work                        2. Special fixture that fix gold and silver cutting in work 

3. Top quality GAIN 5W UV laser source with 3 years warranty for free and long life time service / 4 Fans inside of control box to have better heat radiation

4. Top quality lens that suitable for 110mmx110mm and 200mmx200mm perfectly 

5. Original EZCAD2 control software that you can check in their official website version 

Glass bottle,cup,win bottles marking photo

Mirror marking by rhino UV laser marking machine RF-5W

Stainless steel plate marking

QR code marking

How to find a good quality 5w UV laser marking machine ?

For fixed marking graphics, the factors affecting marking efficiency can be divided into equipment itself and processing materials. 

Therefore, the factors that ultimately affect the marking efficiency are filling type,  mirror (filling line spacing), galvanometer (scanning speed),  laser source,materials and so on.

Pre-sale and in-sale services
Offer consulting service, sample’s process experiment, equipment selection, training to the engineers and the user of the buyer.
Training :after the acceptance check by the

After-sale services
Our company offer THREE-year warranty and lifetime maintenance for the buyer, during the warranty period, if there is any malfunction in the course of using the equipment (except the man-made factors and factors other than force majeure), we offer free maintenance, the parts which need to change also provided by us(except the consumable parts).After the warranty period, we will charge appropriately according to the maintenance situation.

Customer with machine arraival just



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