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4 Axis 2040 ATC CNC Router with Rotary & Linear Tool Changer

Item No.: RSKM2040
FOB Price:
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Min.Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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4 Axis 2040 ATC CNC Router with Rotary & Linear Tool Changer
2040 ATC CNC Router with Rotary
Rhino 2040 ATC CNC Router is with large table size 2000mmx4000mm and rotary attachment. The automatic linear tool magazine max 20 pcs auto tool changer function,It is with economic 
China ATC 9kw air cooling spindle 
and professional for wood,aluminum,PVC etc milling and drilling. 

What is Advanrages of Rhino 2040 ATC CNC Router?
1. This machine model RSKM2040 is with large table size 2000mmx4000mm (6ft by 12.3ft) ,so it allow large materials loaded on the working table, Like large size MDF,wood pieces,acrylic,aluminum composite panel etc.

2. It is with 4 axis rotary attachment diameter 200mmx2500mm length. ( for sure the diameter can be customized such as 300mm),so 2D,3D,4D projects can be made by it perfectly.

3. Fast cutting,milling,engraving speed could be 40m/min , increase working efficiency greatly

2. RSKM2040 is the upgrading cnc router machine with automatic tool changer which is more convenient to use in woodworking business like kitchens,closets,cabinets etc.

3. Machine program is more intelligent with TAIWAN Syntec 60WE system, Super fast tool changing speed so improve working efficiency.

4. Pneumatic linear tool changer magazine 12 pieces movement together with X gantry beam, also improve working efficiency of automatica tool changing.

5. Linear HIWIN30 rails and helical rack are in the same surface with new structure to make sure machine will not deform after working for a long time

6. For wood carving & cutting precision could be 0.05mm perfectly because machine structure more stable and heavier than ordinary cnc router in market.

7. Automatic height adjust legs,if your ground is not flat machine can be adjusted itself well

8. Whole dust proof system with pipe 30mm diameter to help you keep a more clean working environment 

9. Fast service support, if you have any doubts for this machine in operation we give you 7x24 hours fast reply at anytime

10. Economic price so it is highly popular among customers from Australia .

Total rhino ATC CNC Router RSKM2040 is with high technology that increased the stability of working,adn lowered the failure rate,saved energy consumption by 1%,increased production by 3%,inproved the production efficiency and product quality.

The Application of ATC CNC ROUTER RSKM2040:
1. Furniture: all kinds of furnitures like cabinet,door,windows,beds etc
2. Office furnitures:Table, chair, sofa, stands etc
3. Sign: LED light,bending letters,pvc cutting,acrylic cutting,sign letters etc
4. Mould marking:wood mould,shoes mould,aluminum mould,tooth mould etc

The detail components of 4 axis 2040 ATC Cnc Router:
1. Tool magazine:
Linear auto tool changer magazine beside of machine table/behind of machine table/ front of machine table 3 locations for option, so more convenient for your operation.
2. Pneumatic type linear tool magazine push 
It is controlled by forth axis from system so can shorten the time of tool changing then improve working efficiency
3. Working transmission
TAIWAN HIWIN25 oringla linear rails from Taiwan for XYZ axis and Germany TBI ball screws in Z axis 
4. ATC CNC router Spindle 
Italy HSD 9KW ATC spindle with machine with 24 month service for free and 0-18000rpm & 0-24000rpm for option that can cut, engrave, drill, punch, mill multi functions 
5. Motors and drivers
Yaksawa servo motor drivers 850w from Japan Original with shimpo Japan reducer motor instead of gear box make sure higher precision and more stronger strength.
6. Control system 
Syntec 60WE system latest version with keyboard and screen whole set .This system has a good engraving intelligent processing program, which can effectively prevent mechanical collisions, and can better control the processing speed and improve processing efficiency
7. Machine working table
Vacuum table with toughness pvc materials with drawing 8 zones. T-SLOT combination also no problem
8. Cables 
We use Germany quality strong cable inside 6 lines make sure many years working no problem. All cables we use are with CE certificate that is more safe to use and reduced failure rate.
9. Dust collector with pipes
We use dust pipr diameter 30mm and dust brush two holes can working together.ATC CNC Router RSKM25-D australia with an independent dust suction and adsorption device, it can absorb the generated wood chips and debris during the processing, maintaining a clean and tidy workbench while providing a good working environment for the carving machine.
10. Vacuum pump
7.5kw vacuum pump air cooling tyle with noise reducer to make sure low noise 

RSKM2040 ATC CNC Router detail technical parameters:
Number Description  Parameter  
1 X,Y,Z Working Area 2000mmx4000mmx200mm
2 Table Size 2130mm×4140mm
3 X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300
4 X,Y,Z Repositioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
5 Table Surface Vacuum and  T-slot Combined (Option: T-slot table) 
6 Frame Welded structure
7 X, Y Structure Rack and Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
8 Z Structure Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings and Ball Screw
9 Automatic tool changer Linear type(disc type for option)
10 Pieces of tool changer 12 pieces
11 Max. Working Speed 40000mm/min
12 Spindle Power  ATC 9.0 kw
13 Spindle Speed 0-24000RPM
14 Drive Motors Delta servo motor drivers 850W
15 Working Voltage AC 380V/50/60Hz,3PH
16 Command Language G Code
17 Operating System Syntec Control System 60WE
18 Computer Interface Ethernet, CF Card
19 Flash Memory 512M(U Disk)
20 Collet ER32
21 X,Y Resolution <0.03mm
22 Software Compatibility Type3/UcancameV9 software  
23 Running Environment  Temperature 0 - 45 Centigrade
24 Relative Humidity 30% - 75%
25 Packing Size 3500X2250X2200mm
26 N.W. 1800KG
27 G.W. 2000KG
28 Delivery time 14-20 working days

Optional parts of 2040 ATC CNC Wood Router:
1. Italy HSD 9KW air cooling spindle/Hiteco 9.0kw ATC spindle  
2. Leadshine/Panasonic/Delta or other brand servo 
3. OSAI/WEIHONG etc other control system
4. PMI rails 30
5. Machine structures can be made as per your drawing
6. Machine color can be made as per your needs

Packing list together with machine you will get :
Item Quantity Remark
Tools -engraving bits 10 pcs  
Tools-cutting bits 10 pcs  
Tools-treading bits 10 pcs  
Tools-wooden bits 1 box  
MDF board 3 pcs Ever size 1500mmx1000mm
ISO tool holder chuck 8 pcs  
Dust collector 1 set  
Vacuum pump 1 set  
Leveling the base 6 pcs  
Tool collect 8 pcs  
Limit sensor 1 pcs  
Spindle tools 1 set  
Seals for vacuum pump 1 set  
2040 ATC CNC Router with Rotary 1

Machine detail photos:
2040 ATC CNC Router with Rotary 22040 ATC CNC Router with Rotary 3

ATC CNC Router detial components:

1. HIWIN30 linear squar rails and helical rack pinion along with double Y axis to make sure machine working many years no deformation and working percision perfect still.

2.Automatic oil box                                                 3. Automatic tool sensor 

4. Linear tool changing magazine 8 pieces at behind of machine table with auto tool sensor together to save time of every tools height setting .

5. Syntec 60WE latest version for ATC function more intelligent and ultra reaction speed.

6. ATC spindle 9kw air cooling spindle ISO30 tool holder 

7. Pneumatic automatic air jack around of machine table 

8.Wheels behind of table to help you move materials 

9.We use high quality CE passed cables that run many years no broken, the big power trabsformer offer enough power for all electronic parts well. TAIWAN Delta inverter high quality 

ATC CNC Router delivery to Australi with package photos

Cutting samples of ATC Wood CNC Router RSKM25-A

Machine warranty and service (especially in Australia):heart
1. Whole machines 2 years warranty for free and long life time service yes
2. Spindle motor and other electronic parts 12 month warranty for free
3. Online training and videos are available 
4. We have report for every machine sold out so we would like to receive your feedback for every machines after run it
5. We have engineers with passport so can go your company to give you training face to face
6. Egnineer group with every customers you can contact with our engineers directly online 
7. 7x24 hours service is available 
8.Gloable service is avaialbe ,engineers have passport that can go to your factory for training and service .

Rhino CNC company photos:


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