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Half Closed 100w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine RF-100 Package and Delivery

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Author : Andy wong
Update time : 2023-03-31 10:56:42
Rhino 100w Fiber Laser Marking Machine RF-100 package and delivery details

Model RF-100
Laser source Raycus 100W /JPT 100W 
 Laser type fiber laser 
Purpose marking & engraving & cutting
Wavelength 1064nm
Max Single pulse energy 1.0mj
Pulse duration 90-130ns
Laser beam quality M2 <1.8
Marking speed 1-8000mm/s
Frequency 30-60khz
Marking Area 75MMX75MM/110MMX110MM/200MMX200MM/300MMx300mm
Spot size 27.5μm
Marking Depth 0.03-0.08mm
High quality lens 7110 model OPEX BRAND
Control program Original EZ-CAD control system Compatible with win7/8/10
Graphic format supported Graphic format supported
Computer Original English system win7/8/9/10 for your option
Working voltage AC220V 50HZ /AC110V 60HZ
Cooling type Air cooling
Operating parameter 0-40℃
Warranty fiber laser source we warranty for 2 years /the other parts warranty for 3 years
G.W. 135kg
Package(L*W*H) 98*83*142cm
Optional parts Computer,fixture,rotary for jewelry,air cleaner

Feature of Rhino half closed fiber laser marking machine RF-100:
1. Adopt non-contact processing, which will no pollution to the environment
2.The text and picture information marked by the half closed fiber laser marking machine is clear and permanent, and will not fade or fall off
3.This machine fiber laser marking machine adopts air cooling technology for cooling, with small overall size, good output beam quality, and high reliability
4.JPT 100W laser source is Long service life of laser, maintenance free, 100000 hours of consumables free, no power coupling loss, saving operating costs

Packing list of half closed fiber laser marking machine RF-100:
Machine itself 
Manual paper 
U Disk
Location tool
Main power cable 
USB cable 
Ground cable
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