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Rhino Precision 5-Axis CNC Milling Machine for Advanced 5D Mold Making - RSKM25-T

Item No.: RSKM25-T
FOB Price:
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Min.Order Quantity:
1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month
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  • 5 Axis CNC Router: 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum
  • $50000.00

    Unleash Creativity with Rhino RSKM25-T 5-Axis CNC Milling

    Explore the frontier of 5D mold making with the Rhino RSKM25-T, your ultimate partner in precision engineering. Designed for versatility and precision, this machine is ideal for creating intricate molds for aircraft, cars, and more.

    Advanced Technology for Unmatched Precision

    The RSKM25-T features a DEMAS 5-axis rotate head and a 10kw Hiteco water cooling spindle motor, ensuring flawless execution of your most complex designs. Its RTCP function guarantees real 5-axis simultaneous control for the highest accuracy in 5D mold making.

    Robust Design for Diverse Applications

    Constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and equipped with high-quality rails and ball screws, the RSKM25-T offers exceptional stability and rigidity. Its steel welded T-SLOT table supports heavy materials, making it perfect for metal mold milling alongside wood, PE, foam, and more.

    Intuitive Control System for Efficient Operations

    Featuring a user-friendly Siemens control system and PowerMill software integration, the RSKM25-T simplifies complex machining processes. Its large internal storage and diagnostic functions ensure smooth operation and easy maintenance.

    Expand Your Manufacturing Capabilities

    Whether it's automotive prototypes, aerospace components, or intricate artistic creations, the RSKM25-T provides the versatility and power to bring your visions to life. Its advanced features and reliable performance make it a valuable asset for any high-precision manufacturing task.


     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum

    Rhino 5 Axis CNC Mill for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 

    This is Rhino latest 5 axis cnc mill RSKM25-T is with RTCP function that professional for Clay, wood,PE,foam,Aluminum 5D mold making especially in aircraft, cars etc.
    High precision and fast milling speed.DEMAS 5 axis rotate head with 10kw
    Hiteco water cooling spindle motor professional for all kinds of hard wood,aluminum,plastic,PP,PE,Foam etc 
    Also can make dining table,chairs,cabinets and all types of wooden furnitures.Now RSKM25-K cnc router 5 axis price for sale.

    What is our advantages of 5 axis cnc mill RSKM25-T for aircraft and cars:

    1. Our 5 axis cnc mill machine is with RTCP function means this is a real 5 axis cnc machining machine with 5 axis combination working together

    2. Our machine structure is more stronger and rigidity.X axis are with 3 rows square rail , Z axis are with 4 rows square rail and Y axis are with 2 rows square rails

    3. Machines'bed is stand column and base are cast by good quality steel,and adopt high precision precessing technology. Whole machine is machined by high accurate five sided CNC processing center,keeps good stability,high precision,high tensile strength,static and dynamic rigidity. Whole machine net weight about 10000kg-13000kg

    4. Machine table is steel welded T-SLOT with thickness 20mm that kind table not easy deformation for long time use and can load heavy material like aluminum easily .It is professional for metal mold milling.

    5. Controlling system adopt man-machine conversation,manual optionand background edit,rich programming function, easy to learn,large capacity of internal storage,diagnostic function if complete,Famous brand Siemens alarm light information display,easy maintenance with pitch compensation, tool compensation function.

    6.5 AXIS software with post processer: we offer PowerMill with pen driver together with machine package .Consider the long working distance 2000mmx3000mm or more, we have Syntec remote handle for option.

    7. Double SMC brand or similar high quality penumatic piston structure in Z axis (balance weight pneumatic tank)along with Spindle motor make sure 5 axis head working more stable and strength.

    8.It also are professional for all kinds of 2D,3D,4D,5D molds making like aircraft, cars,boats etc with large size .

    9. Diversified processing speed can be controlled like working speed, traveling speed, dropping tool speed, lowering tool speed, greatly improve the quality and efficiency.

    10.Intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent mechanical collision due to excessive processing of design file.

    11. Z-axis travel can be heightened to 1meters(max height can be 2000mm), so that very suitable for processing large-scale three-dimensional surface.

    12. The TAIWAN PMI35 rails with and the Germany original TBI ball screw ensure the accuracy and strength of the mechanical

    13. Automatic tool changer two types for your option, Linear tool changer and disc tool changer  


    Application of CNC Router 5 axis RSKM25-T:

    1. Industrial design: processing design of main models of Aircraft,automobile (1:1 car model), yacht, high-speed railway Multiple unit and other products.

    2. Composite materials: fiberglass molds, cutting and trimming of fiberglass products, cutting and trimming of ABS plastic products, processing of wind turbine hoods, and processing of interior components and other products.

    3. Mold industry: five axis processing of various non-metallic molds such as wood mold, foam, resin, etc

    4. Ceramic bathroom: processing of gypsum molds and various gypsum products

    Technical parameters of CNC Milll 5 axis RSKM25-Y:
    Name Specification
    X working size 2000mm
    Y working size 3000/4000mm
    Z working size 1000mm
    Max gantry width 2500mm
    Max gantry length 3300mm
    A axis angle -120°⁓120°
    C axis angle -360°⁓360°
    X、Y axis moving speed 0⁓60000mm/min
    Z axis moving speed 0⁓30000mm/min
    A、C axis moving speed 170、270°/sec
    X、Y axis working speed 0⁓30000mm/min
    Z axis working speed 0⁓25000mm/min
    X. Y and Z axis feed acceleration 3m/s2
    Worktable load-bearing weight 80kg/㎡
    Maximum spindle speed 24000r/min
    Max output power 15kw
    Machine package size 4.2x3.2x3.7m LHW
    Machine weight 7ton

    Machine components detail:
    Name Quantity
    1. TAIWAN Syntec control system 210MA-E5
    1. X-axis Japan Yaskawa 2.9KW high inertia servo motor
    1. Y-axis Japan Yaskawa 1.5KW high inertia servo motor
    1. Z-axis Japan Yaskawa 2.9KW high inertia brake servo motor
    1. High efficient rack gear transmission 
    1. X-axis Taiwan PMI-4040 high-precision screw rod
    1. Y-axis Taiwan PMI-4040 high-precision screw rod
    1. Z-axis Taiwan PMI-4040 high-precision screw rod
    1. X-axis Taiwan PMI35 square rail - flange slider
    1. Y-axis Taiwan PMI35 square rail - flange slider
    1. Z-axis Taiwan PMI35 square rail - flange slider
    1. Taiwan 7.5KW * 2 Delta vector frequency converter
    1. Strip block adsorption
    1. Central gas storage system
    1. Central lubrication device
    1. Switchblade clamp and inspection tool
    1. Factory Quality Inspection sheet
    1. Certificate of conformity
    1. German Beck vacuum pump 7.5kw

    Others Additions:
    1. Auto lubrication for transmission system

    2. 20 pcs working tools

    3. Whole set of maintenance tools (Allen tools,spanner,copper connection, clamps etc)

    4. CD of manual of Operation,Training Video

    5. Air conditioner for control cabinet inside 

    6. Spindle is Italy HITECO 10KW liquid cooling 5 axis spindle with HSK 63F,24000rpm

    7. 5 axis head is Europe MADE DEMAS wtih RTCP function 


    Detailed components of CNC Mill 5 axis RSKM25-T:

     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 1

    1. X axis of 5 axis cnc mill machine is with 3 rows square rail HIWIN30/PMI30
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 2
    2. Z axis high precision TBI 40MM ball screw for transmission
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 3
    3. 5 axis syntec system romote handle suitable for large working size table 
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 6
    4. Advanced 5axis Syntec program that professional for CNC MILL function 210MA-E5
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 7
    5. 10KW HITECO air cooling spindle working together with DEMAS 5 axis
    Germany DEMAS 5 axis head, perfect combination, good working performanceyes
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 8
    6. This is Syntec system's handle wheel. It is portable so you can bring it very near of machine to check detail working of XYZAB four axis 
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 9
    7. Vacuum table with 7.5kw air cooling vacuum pump + T-SLOT combination 
    Linear tool changer 12 pcs (max 20 pcs can be fixed)
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 10
    8. High quality automatic tool sensor instrument to adjust the distance between tool point and material
     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 11
    9. TAIWAIN PMI30 original square rail and TAIWAN helical rack and pinon for all axis transmisson

    Samples made by 5 Axis cnc mill Center:

     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 12
    Hard wood car mold 

     5 Axis CNC Milling Machine for Aircraft Cars 5D Mold on Plastic PE Foam Aluminum 13

    Wooden foundry molds and patterns from customer 


    Wooden furnitures made by our 5 axis wood cnc router RSKM25-H (like charies,tables etc)

    PE molds made by Rhino 5 axis cnc router machine 


    Q1, What is software and post processer you will supply together with this 5 axis cnc mill ?
    A: We have professional Powermill and UG software to help you make design and with their 5 axis post processer to offer to you.
    The most popular 5 axis post processer is PowerMill 2017 version with its PM 5 axis post processer.

    Q2,If I buy this machine what is kind of 5 axis cnc mill service I can get:
    A:Machine warranty 2 years for free and long life time serice and we have professional engineers who are responsible for service.
    We offer online/telephone/email service 7x24 hours.
    We have online talking group in WhatsApp and Wechat with engineers and customers 
    If needed our engineer will go to your factory to install and give you training for this machine

    Q3,What is information you need to know before I get offer from you?
    A:Firstly we need to know the working size you need and what is materials you want to mill and process so that we will offer you the best solution for this 5 axis cnc router machine 

    Q4,What is the delivery time for this 5 axis wood cnc router RSKM25-T ?
    A:Usually we can make it ready within 30 days and need 3-5 days to inspect it perfectly with high accurate and good working performance then can delivery immediately

    Q5,How to use this software and can i get training from your side?
    A:Yes, we have engineer who work this two softwares so you can come our factory or we send them to your company to give you training 

    Q6,Could you customized this 5 axis cnc router MACHINE as per our detail requirement?
    A:Yes, you give us all your detail requests and we make agreement then start machine productime 


    Machine package and delivery photos:


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